Colour Consultation

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I had the pleasure of Dani coming to my home and doing a colour consultation for me. Dani was extremely knowledgeable and very positive. I was surprised to see how wearing the right colours could change my complexion and make me look younger. The reverse was also true, when I was shown the wrong colours for me. I like that making simple changes with accessories could change the look of a whole outfit. I would have been clueless without the help of Dani. I’m looking forward to going on a personal shopping day with her and buying clothes that actually suit my body shape. If you are unsure as to what colours suit you or feel like you are stuck in a rut with your image, I can recommend Dani to come and give you the burst of energy that you need. You will walk away feeling fantastic and looking good as well. Thanks Dani, you’re a star!


Fiona, Yoga Teacher One to One Colour Consultation March 31, 2016


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