One to One Style Consultation

Personal Styling


-Did you know that not everybody has the same body shape?

-Do you know what shape your body is?

-Do you know how to dress for your body shape?

During a Personal Styling Consultation we will figure out what styles you like, and use the rules on how to dress as guidelines to make the style work for you.
There will always be new trends, but they might not all be for you. Together we will find your best look, and apply elements of these trends to better suit you.
We will stay true to you and accentuate what sets you apart from the rest, rather than just fitting in.
It is my aim to help you to feel good about yourself and become your best version of you, no one else.

How does it work?

During a Personal Styling Consultation I will:

– Determine your body shape and show you which clothes flatter it.

– Explain to you the basic rules of dressing your figure.

– Show you which clothes work with your body’s natural features and which clothes simply don’t work, and explain why.

– Give up to date market advice by suggesting outlets where you can buy particular styles to suit your figure.

– Ensure that you leave knowing your body shape and feel confident that you can dress to accentuate your best features, meaning you never make a fashion mistake again!

How much does it cost?

A one to one Personal Styling Consultation, up to an hour £50