Colour Analysis


Wearing the right colours can keep you looking:

It can help to even out skin tone, diminish lines, blemishes and dark circles.It can help the complexion to look more radiant, bringing definition to the features, and impart a general look of well being.

How does it work?

The aim of a Colour Analysis is to find you your range of most flattering colours, helping to look your best, coordinate your wardrobe and express yourself effectively.

During the session we’ll work together using specially selected drapes to determine which colours harmonise with and enhance your natural skin tones.

How will it help me?

You’ll be amazed when I show you the instant negative and positive affect different colours can have on your appearance.
I will show you how to use the Colour Analysis swatch for your specific colour palette.

I promise to leave you feeling positive and confident about which colours enhance your natural beauty and which colours you should avoid: I will definitely give you an alternative to black!

£100 for a one to one consultation lasting up to an hour.

Book a Colour Party!

A colour party is the perfect way to catch with friends whilst having your colours done.
Get 4 or more guests together each paying £50 for a 30 minute consultation, and the host gets theirs for free!

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