An evening of Fashion & Style

Join me for a relaxed, fun evening of Fashion, Style and Prosecco, and learn which styles and shapes flatter YOUR body and enhance YOUR natural features, on FRIDAY 6TH MARCH 7.30PM-10PM


Cost £10

Our bodies are perfect as they are, and they are unique to us. Learning how to embrace our body’s natural shape is an important part of our wellbeing. Learning to accept our body as it is, and not comparing it to others takes practise and discipline, as does silencing negative body self talk. As a Life and Style Coach I work with you from the inside out, to help you become your best you; radiant, vibrant and confident.

Enjoy a glass of Prosecco and…….

  •  LEARN which styles, shapes, and fabrics flatter YOUR body
  •  TAKEAWAY some ‘FASHION TRICKS‘ to enhance the way you dress YOUR body
  •  LEARN how to make CONFIDENT choices when buying clothing
  •  DISCOVER the benefits of DECLUTTERING, and building up a capsule wardrobe
  •  BROWSE and try on clothing from the GORGEOUS French clothing company Captain Tortue
  •  TREAT yourself to a little something from the Captain Tortue range, if you wish!

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Cost? £10




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